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About us

Pristine Clean Power Washing has been assisting Indiana and Kentucky home and small business owners with their cleaning and washing needs.


Unlike our competitors, we work with a unique solution that clears any trace of mold from your home and exteriors. It also wipes out those nasty dark streaks shaping on your roof as well!


Whether your need is for a commercial or residential set up, you can trust us to clean any grime and dirt off the surface to reveal a brighter, shinier finished look.

•  Hot and cold power/pressure washing depending on the needed application

•  BMOW - Bring My Own Water! Our van easily holds over 260 gallons of water and contains a heat pump to provide hot water at temperatures that kill mold, remove grime, grease and oil

•  We're locally owned and operated


What's more; our services extend to churches and cemeteries too! At your request, we've even power and pressure washed the gravestone of a loved one from debris deposits formed from changing weather conditions.


Here are just a few of the reasons why you should always rely on Pristine Clean Power Washing: